Dikoku Takayuki Solo Exhibition
The fruits hold life in themselves once more.
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A plant grew when someone coiled DNA around a stick.
It tried to make a withered tree be in bloom and bore fruit in far-off country.
Once, the tree has died after found people's strictness and kindness.
The fruit which fell on the ground has started spreading small roots and putting@
forth buds in the atmosphere of its home, *Yamato.

There is the only way to refine one's art with people as if diamond can polish @

Since a lot people put nourishment and affection into it, a sign of new bud was @
metamorphosed into afresh life as an inner-creature from its mind.

The afresh life would be yourself or myself when it pass through our minds.

There was a withered tree.
It brought forth fruits for some time.

Raising the fruits as true life, it will come into good flowers.
And pray all living things to be in bloom in their hearts.

We could fail our plans again and again.

The fruits hold life in themselves once more.

*Yamato: ancient name of Japan

A Summary of "Rebirth"
I realized that people would be capable of holding life many times,
and then the force of attraction between two could be linked with each other.
When I tried to visualize the working of life, I have already set about sculpturing.
Until now many things I tried went wrong.
However,it can safely be said that life is full of ups and downs for me,
for you, and all living things.
Takayuki Daikoku

Born in 1976 Shiga, Japan, lives and works in Osaka, Japan
Education 1999 Osaka University of Arts, Fine Art Department, Osaka, Japan
2001 Osaka University of Arts Graduate School, Osaka, Japan
Live and
Worked in
2001`2003 Berlin, Germany
Travel 1996`2003 China, Czech, Netherlands, Thailand, United Kingdom

Solo Exhibitions 1998 "Kan/Coil, Osaka Dawn Center, Osaka, Osaka
2000 "Ishizue/Foundation," Galerie Ou, Osaka, Osaka
2001 "Lets make withered trees to be in bloom,"
Chihaya Nature and Astronomy Museum, Chihaya, Osaka
2003 "Intervention I," Ksb KioskShop, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibitions 1998 "The exchange exhibition between The Fine Art college of Shanghai
University and Osaka University of Arts," Osaka, Osaka
1999 "Interlink," Crystal Tower, Osaka, Osaka
2002 "Installation series I," Otto-Nagel-Galerie, Osaka, Osaka
2005 "Beyond the Border," Chayamachi gallery, Osaka, Osaka

Symposium 1998 Takihata Art Working, Takihata, Osaka
2003 International Wood Symposium vol. 8, Riedelhof, Germany

Workshop 2003`2005 Exhibition and workshops, Fujinosato Nursery School, Takatsuki, Osaka
"an open atelier"
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Kan 1999/ Coil 1999
wood, straw rope
Lets make withered trees to be in bloom
wood, Japanese paper
Flora-the arrival of spring
poplar, Japanese paper, acrylic
Der Stern Klingelt-The star is ringing
beech, maple, Japanese paper, acrylic